Wednesday, January 30, 2013


im guessing that last post was on june (?)
am i retiring? noh, i like to write.
but it's fun to write when you know what to write (and when you have no problem with your grammar)

new year mean new year!
im serious with the new year on the last part,
since i entered utp on january of last year
every year means i'll enter new year
nyorgh i think i confused myself there.
but the point is that, foundation's over and now im a first year student

but the question is, why am i writing all this when i should be studying physical geology so that aaron hunter won't do the 'ahhh and there's silent' joke again.

therefore im going to stop now because i don't want to torture ma brain to come out with the right word to use.

p/s:im still very sad that i didn't get to save harvest moon before reformatting this laptop. im just about to show my moves to popuri.
owh and im planning to download some pokemon game