Thursday, July 19, 2012


everyday i woke up with fear.
fear that one day im going to lose all of my hair.
it's amazing that i still have some hair on my head since this
hair fall problem had occurred 2 years ago
it's even more painful knowing that im balding, slowly

-introducing baldami, coming this 3rd sem

thanks to hair fall, im now afraid of combing my own hair.
cus if i comb my hair, more will sad
someone please give sami velu's hair plantation center cell number
need it, since im not a fan of yun nam hair care, too mainstream

it just amazes me that upin and ipin have like high self confidence.
even being bald, and one only have a strand of hair,
they still have the confidence to appear on television.
i also need motivation from them,
i have to prepare myself for the worse.

the point is, im bored and scared.
just give me some solution for my problem.
tired la of seeing hair flying everywhere