Saturday, June 9, 2012

i see pandas

one day i would like to hug a panda
and roll around with it
some one,anyone, grammar nazi me!!PLEASEEE

moving on, nothing amuses me nowadays.
except a pink galaxy note.
wouldn't it be fabulous if i own one?
and all those korean dramas driving me crazy
every single bitches in a korean drama uses a pink galaxy note.
makin me all jealous and dying on the inside, demmit koreans
-fatami, or is it fabulousami? lol sami

im just sad to know that i can't handle money very well.
one day i own rm100 the next day i only have 20cent in my wallet.
im very. . .. extravagant, yes that's the right word
i know it's a badddd habit, but when i have money
i feel like i MUST spend it.
if this kept on going, i might have no future funds
i think my mom was right, i do need a shopping vacation
sob, sad to say but i'll try not to shop for a month or two. . .
eventhought i know it's the BIGGEST lie i tell to myself

dei dei dei i need to stadei dei dei
physics II quiz will be on this monday, and still
am not doing anything.ohohoho since Newton is my middle name
haktuih ,ANOTHER LIE.

hmm, i often lie to myself alot these days,not good



Thenadi said...

Sami instead of Suzi lol.biasalah guna lah duit selagi ada

average ami said...

sob, u have the same problem ke?!
benci sngt da la duit mara masuk lambat, ami pula dalam kepokaian