Friday, June 8, 2012

angry ami

lately, i kept on abandoning my blog.
i felt like there's no use in updating my blog
cause no one will read it. . .
as a writer im sad.

but come to think of it again,
no one reads my blog anymore because i did not update anymore!
therefore, i must put on some effort and at least post something each month.
yes, another new hope.
dang it twitter, made my life easier. now i don't have to rant in my blog again

while i was busy tweeting tweets that no one probably care,
got a topic for my blog, heh.
after reminiscing my days with technology,
i found out, i killed some of them and i was also abandoned by technology.
sad truth.

i used to own a laptop good enough to type things and watch movies.
i handled it carelessly, since it's not posh.
so holding it would be as if im holding a tissue box.
one day, after watching 'Eclipse' which by the way suck and bore me to death.
a friend of mine called,and so a busy ami answered the call
and starts packing my laptop to safely store it.
long story short,
the laptop slip from my hand,KEDEBABOO
it died.just like died.

i also used to own a bling out samsung digital camera.
long story short.
i threw it on the ground thinking that
there's nothing in my bag.
next thing i know, the display screen looked like it's on drugs

and yeah,
now a recent lost.
my xperia mini x10.that phone was a fighter
after 100 times of dramatic fall, still hanging on his life.
but the trauma, he can't be save any longer.
may his soul rest in peace somewhere in android heaven

the conclusion is,
im abusive, fear me >:/


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