Sunday, April 1, 2012

hi april

hmm, time flies, it was january when i entered utp
and now my 1st semester almost comes to an end.

i was planning on an intensive studying today.
blagh, was not successful.
i struggled with stomach problem in the morning.
ate, struggle some more with gastric problem
roll around, felt like i was getting better
then started playing pyssla beads.
then remembered about my intensive studying plan.

so yeah, that was like the summary of today.
how intensive was my study?
laying down on my bed while reading
and occasionally took a nap.
urghhh, when will i ever be serious about my studies ..

-i made an angry bird out of the pyssla beads

after that i re-arranged my closet
and guess what?
i found out that the total number for damaged baju kurung that i've made
yes, i burn a hole on 3 baju kurung
so mom, later when i come back
u need to make intensive ironing class
and yes, jahit those holes...

-don't ever make me iron your baju kurung.

haishh, this gastric problem is really annoying


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