Monday, March 12, 2012


how did they even get here,
wealth perhaps.

but, dude.
that was very wtf
yelling/shouting rude words at some random strangers is soo premature
bobba, i don't freaking care how rich you are,
doing that is bobba-ing rude
i guess they can't use their retarded mind to simply think about
simple logical manners

i wasn't planning on posting another rant post
but thanks to the retard mentioned above
i've done another sin
burn in hell, okay thats too much
go get your finger burn >:/

i better stop now, need to continue some tutorial questions



leon7zack said...

ak pon baru belajar STFU tu.
dr kazen2 ak.
cool siot kalau gne kt org yg kte tgh bengang.
contoh tgh men HON(mcm dota lah jgak) kan.
tetibe org ckp F*** kt kita.
time tu lah balas balik STFU.

average ami said...

bagus lokman, kau dah dewasa.tapi jgn suka hati guna stfu, nnti x dpt bini >:/