Tuesday, March 27, 2012

there's no space

after returning back from the 5 days holiday,
i found out that i have insufficient space to hang my cloth.
for some reason i brought 14 pairs of baju kurung
and half a dozen of cardigan that needed to be hang.
and the closet space was like half a meter wide,
which is like, small.
my cloth ended up lookin like 'lempeng' when im about to use them.
make it bigger, like seriously.

and today.
i smoothly presented my poster for english tutorial.
hehehe, i wouldn't say smoothly la,
but i did talk a lot, not smoothly but a lot.
most of the audience looked bored listening to me.
some even looked puzzled.
sori i has veri bad ingeriss.
u just mas understand even u not understand, ok?

-omaigadz, made those ticket as our flyer.IT'S TOO AWESOOOOME.

-all smiles after the presentation.yes, im the sad looking pig.

Im half sad,
cause i still haven't receive my MARA allowance.
in this such needed time,
when i really need retail therapy,
why must MARA torture me?

i should like start doing blogshop again
ya know, since i spend alot
i need to make alot of money too ya know.
but i still don't know what to sell.
and how am i going to get supplies when
im in the middle of a HUTAN
come on la kerajaan perak
don't just depend on ipoh to be the main attraction
civilize la sri iskandar too.
okay,im creatively short of ideas.
i'll stop writing,


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