Wednesday, March 28, 2012

night cream

as you get older,
you tend to progress fear of
getting wrinkles and soggy skin
therefore my mom made me wear krim malam
every malam la.

take not that,
putting on night cream is like
putting on a layer of humidity on your face.
yes, it's uncomfortable
especially when you're in the middle of a 'hutan'
where the climate is already hot and HUMID
but for the sake of good skin
i religiously put on the night cream everyday.
so mom, don't worry i'm doing things that you asked me too.

not going to brag la,
but uh.
i managed to wash all 14 of my dirtay cloths
correction, I HAND WASHED ALL OF EM!!
damnnnnn, sometimes im just wayyyy to diligent
however i now don't feel like doing anything else.
unfortunately, there will be a pre-calculus quiz tomorrow
which means i must do something in order not to get a zero

-a very jakun looking ami on top of pocket D.PEACE OUTZZZZ


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