Sunday, March 4, 2012

how did i get so diligent?

some amazingly unexplainable phenomena had just occur
i just went to the laundry to pick up my stuff
continue my journey to CIMB bank
to get some mo cash.
and to explain how much distance i have traveled tonight
i shall draw a map!

too hard to draw a map on paint
but the point is,
the distance between the laundry and my room
and my room to the bank
unfortunately according to the law of physics
my displacement is ZERO
dang it!

-carried this badass all the way back to my room. heavy stuff.

my homework is not done yet.
i should stop procrastinating
not good for my life,
it's weird that i got full of beans when im doing shiz
and automatically lazy when it comes to homework

-yes, it's a durian. . . a lonely durian

better start doin ma homework


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