Saturday, March 17, 2012

chill floor

my ifest journey continues
ifest is btw some kindda an islamic month or festival
that was held every year in utp
this year, if im not mistaken was it's 3rd year.

last night i attended baitul muslim,
today they invited Wardina for a talk about beauty and stuff in between!
first of all
she is,sooooooooooooo beautiful
and her talk is soo honest

after hearing the talk,
it really made me think how good am i?
i never thought about this before, i always think im good enough
but after seeing someone who finally change for the better
i want to be them,i want to change.
yes i wear shawl, i cover my head
but just that fact made me think im good enough
i was deceived by my own act
and i was wrong.
physical change is not important
yes its cheesy, but the spiritual change is the most important.

the feeling when you get that iman rush
i would like to feel that one day.
overall it was an eye opener for me.
after reading back my very very older post
i was ashamed of my past self
to be honest, i was proud that i swore alot.
i was proud that all the f word flow swiftly when im using it
i was proud that i use all the curse word like a pro.
indeed im wrong, and very ashamed.
young and naive eyh?
hopefully i won't have kids like me in the future.

hmm, i think im getting wiser
or is this just a normal sign that you're getting older?

lets just hope this will to change won't be just for today.
btw no photos for today
tooo tired to even find a decent photo.
SPM result is just around the corner
pray for me, my friends and my school.


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leon7zack said...

ami dh tobat.