Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the longest day of my life

greetings people,
today is pretty much the busiest day on my schedule
i literally only have all together about 2 hours break between 8a.m-7p.m!
craaaazy right?

yikes, my physics tutor is kindda strict.
she'll get reaaaaally angry if people don't argue with stuff
by stuff i meant the answers la.
she wanted a debate on how to actually get the real answer
or maybe she just wanted entertainment :O
but anyway, she still is a good tutor.

i hate it when my next class is about A THOUSAND MILES away from my current class.
then i have to seriously, sprint to my next class
but still, i'll be like 5-10 minutes late, dang it!
and today's schedule involve A L O T of running.

my very busy schedule ended with english tutorial!
just like yesterday, there are a few technical problems
also like yesterday, i came late(i got my reasons okaaaaaay?)
we wasted almost 1 hour waiting for our lecturer to finish settle things up
he's a VERY hard working man, so i DO NOT blame him for all the inconveniences .im not even mad.
more sprinting occurs when it suddenly rain.
and i tell you, the lecture room is not that near from my place ya know!
the fat girl must run >:(

i went to the JUNK SALE!!!

-they don't really sell junks

there's alot of branded clothing there, and most of em' are preloved
hard core preloved are EXTREMELY cheap. as low as rm3
crazy right? people who don't mind wearing preloved cloth would totally love this.
but there's also new items on sale for those who's not a fan of preloved items

i got myself 3 shawls for O N L Y rm10!!!
and it is still a new item!!
i also bought a preloved bangle, it's so sparkly i just can't take it
ME MUST BUY, and so i did :D

the funny thing is, the junk sale is like 5km away from my room
but i willingly go there.MUAHAHA



Aisya Yusof said...

panjang blogpost hari ni. syabas....

average ami said...

lol, alot happened today

RenPoole said...

agreed with aisya XD