Monday, February 6, 2012

i want a pokeball

since i was seven i always wanted to be a pokemaster
i think most of the people following my blog would like totally understand how bad i wanted to be a pokemaster.
if pokemons were real.
i would totally raise a slowpoke.
then we'll be the ultimate lazybums.

hey, i got myself a new wallet people!!
unfortunately the pictures taken from the photobooth got ripped off yawww
so, girlfriends we need to take more photos and asianise ourself

life is pretty boring nowadays
so im bringing psp to college!
i need stuff to kill time ya know
cus lately, my bedtime is around 10-11 p.m
since i don't know what to do, sleeping is one way to avoid boredom .
some might suggest studying, but are you kidding me?
books are like another form of sleeping pills

-olly cow, thats where im studying :O

i think that picture is from it's earlier days, since the lake(or whatever the call it)
now look like it belonged to the jurasic park age.
orrr, the picture is not even real.
your choice.


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