Monday, February 27, 2012

failure in the making

guess whaaaaat?
i spend rm5.50 just for a packet of cashew nuts
and what happened to just spending rm2.50 every day?!
demmit demmit demmit.

and this gastric problem is not helping either.

yeah, internet came back!
yes, eventhough you're VERY VERY slow
and sometimes annoying
i do need you, and I appreciate you.
welcome home internet connection ;(

i found out that
every morning i have to make difficult decisions
like this morning i have to choose between a two pair of black jeans

-though one >:/

owh, and like any other mondays
today was ughh, tiring. next class to another
plus im like very nervous for my english presentation.
and did something stupid,
i didn't present it today, instead i let some other groups finish their presentation
in the end we have to continue tomorrow.
it's like holding your barf for another night
good job ami.

fatami became monalisa today.


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