Saturday, January 14, 2012

this is lame

dayyum, i posted ONE freakin thing last year.
what an achievement!WOOT WOOT
atleast i posted something, heh

well, this year i want to be active in writin blog again
i mean, my writin starting to rust a little now
im not as fluent(hmm..that didn't sound right) as i used to be
believe me, this much writing took me almost half an hour to just complete those few sentences*pointin upwards*

movin on, things pretty much circle back to the old time
ya see, when i was 12 i got this huge obsession on anime(japanese cartoon.why am i even explaining? =..=) i spent all my money on buying dvds and stuff like that
after that, I BAILED MY HOBBY
yeah so all the spending was a total waste,awesomeeeeee eyh?

but like, right nowwwww, after like 5 years later
just one anime in particular though
and same goes to K-POP!
i used to love em' AND hate em'
girlllllll, i used to bash k-pops like im not even asian yawww with ma girll moshaniquathae
true story

i feel like im 12 again.
el wierdo


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