Wednesday, January 25, 2012

i got issues

i should at least post two things this year.
but come to think of it, it's quite hard when you're brain dead
in about a few days my mind will once again be use!
im just scared, what if it's not functioning like it used to?
dang it.

im not really well for about a few days now,
perak is really hot, i mean reaaaally hot
plus i've been eating chocolate all the time
not sure who coined that eating chocolate help yer soar throat feel better
but it's obviously not working for me.

right, my issues.
i think i have inner anger management issues
i don't yell at people, but i was yelling on my own... in my head.
it's like everything is written in capital letters, and capital letter is annoying
and i also judge people alot, not good.
one look at someone, a team of american idol judges appear in my mind
criticising every single thing about people
who am i to judge people right?
therefore, i kindda think i need counselling or something

my blog look so boring,
i gotta admit it, i can't write anymoreeeeee.
not loving this.

i want cake, FEED ME

my sexi ash ketchum


Saturday, January 14, 2012

this is lame

dayyum, i posted ONE freakin thing last year.
what an achievement!WOOT WOOT
atleast i posted something, heh

well, this year i want to be active in writin blog again
i mean, my writin starting to rust a little now
im not as fluent(hmm..that didn't sound right) as i used to be
believe me, this much writing took me almost half an hour to just complete those few sentences*pointin upwards*

movin on, things pretty much circle back to the old time
ya see, when i was 12 i got this huge obsession on anime(japanese cartoon.why am i even explaining? =..=) i spent all my money on buying dvds and stuff like that
after that, I BAILED MY HOBBY
yeah so all the spending was a total waste,awesomeeeeee eyh?

but like, right nowwwww, after like 5 years later
just one anime in particular though
and same goes to K-POP!
i used to love em' AND hate em'
girlllllll, i used to bash k-pops like im not even asian yawww with ma girll moshaniquathae
true story

i feel like im 12 again.
el wierdo