Friday, December 31, 2010

they left without me

my family left me behind.
this is the first time i got ditched.

aisya stop by just now.
she gave my minibites i ordered.
actually minibite is not so mini after all.
very small,very very small
not worth it to buy.i waste rm21 for that.
but it's kindda cute so i dont quite mind.

this cost me's as big as my finger nail.

-i like this donut ring,so i don't mind.

so i still haven't finish my homework.
and i'll be going to kuantan tomorrow.
awesome,just awesome.

i think my new hobby now is
making stuff out of pyssla beads.
it's not fun.
but i love the end product.

-inspired by the black eyed peas new single-the time.

i'll try making cuter version of this single.

adios amigos.


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