Friday, December 31, 2010

they say im crayzeh

but i am not,crazy
im just addicted to pokemon.
gotta catch em' all.

-i collected these bundle of pokemon cards with my brother.
like i said, GOTTA CATCH EM' ALL!!

i was thinking to change this dentyne box into a pokeball
but i dont have the time.
hmmm, i want a real pokeball.


i always wanted to be a poke master.
i always picture my self running around with ask ketchum
collecting badges, discovering new pokemon together.
i'll be totally cooler than misty.

do we need to get A in biology to be poke master?


they left without me

my family left me behind.
this is the first time i got ditched.

aisya stop by just now.
she gave my minibites i ordered.
actually minibite is not so mini after all.
very small,very very small
not worth it to buy.i waste rm21 for that.
but it's kindda cute so i dont quite mind.

this cost me's as big as my finger nail.

-i like this donut ring,so i don't mind.

so i still haven't finish my homework.
and i'll be going to kuantan tomorrow.
awesome,just awesome.

i think my new hobby now is
making stuff out of pyssla beads.
it's not fun.
but i love the end product.

-inspired by the black eyed peas new single-the time.

i'll try making cuter version of this single.

adios amigos.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

time, is one selfish dude

not like a week or 2 kindda like almost over.
it's like 2 or 3 DAYS almost over


anyway,even though i haven't finish my homework
i still manage to draw fatami
and so i ask my brother,
what movie should fatami get in to?
so he said tron.

and so,HERE IS FATAMI in ser sexiii cat suit

im just bored,i need something to cheer me up.

Friday, December 3, 2010

taylor swift is going to sue me.

owh yeah.
taylor swift probably is going to sue me since fatami look wayyyyy fabulous-er than her.
well, that's her fault.ya know yellow pops on black people's skin.
i quote, " yellow is SOOOO your colour. taylor pakai kaler tu tak pop"-Iman Sofea.

doing bish stole my look, really give me reasons to keep on blogging.
and so,i have coughdrawncough.correction, fatami again
just to make episode #2 of bish stole ma look.

-bish stole my look is an individual work done by ami with ideas from her fans(if she had one,heh)all art are made by windows paint.ain't that awesome.

besides,i got nothing to do.
other than listening to faizal tahir's song
dang it.damn his song.

with out further or due.
here is,FATAMI!!

-left,lady gaga.right,fatami in a decent version of lady gaga's dress.

i have no life.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

bitch,you got something under your nose

finally my random instinct is tingling!
last night i randomly wrote a novel,well a 12 page essay is a novel right?
what ever.

geez i hate holiday.
i got lazier and lazier each day.
i despise holiday but i need holiday.
dang it.

anyway,fatami just comitted fashion crime
by wearing the same dress as some one else.
uh-oh how un glamorous.

it's time to play, BISH STOLE MY LOOK!