Saturday, October 16, 2010

i'm not creative anymore

after looking back at my previous post,
when im still a young and ambitious blogger
i can conclude that,

-i love to write about my shit
-i love to post my painting from paint
-i used A LOT of "f" words
-cursing is like a must in every post

plus, im much more creative when im 13 than i am right now
i can't write meaningful crappy things anymore!
im no longer the fun,cursing and ambitious blogger i used to be!!~
when can i get my quality back?
how?when and where????!!

now right beside me, there's a bottle of milk tea and a can of tuna.
and it's 1.30 am
and im still eating and not yet asleep
im a fat ass fat making machine.

-my komunis, Merong Gagah Pekasa

i'll miss Pesta Wau,it's so hearth touching in some ways
next year is SPM ,i'll never get to do his again.
sob sob.


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