Friday, September 17, 2010

i have a secret to tell you

and im not going to tell you.

-those sunlight behind him make him look so sexii

but i am going to tell you this,
owh i wish i could have a boyfriend who can sing really well
just like bruno mars, and just serenade me with "just the way you are"
E V E R Y D A Y.
how cute and romantic

hmmm, enough with the hopeless romantic imagination of mine
next week is EXAM
owh mai kentang goreng, i am goin' to dai!
i spent my holiday by doing nothing,eating and sleeping
and i don't know why but lately
my friends keep on making "makan-makan" party.
and when im with my friend,i cant stop talking
why must i have cool friends?

btw, i think there's something wrong with my brain
i keep on forgetting things easily
that's why i hate to preping up for exam in such an early stage
if there's a tuk guru of pelajaran reading my blog here,
PLEASE, give me some studying tips for losers like me.


owh raya is fun

Monday, September 6, 2010

time flies


it's been a long time,i repeat a long time,i repeat again,
A LONG TIME since i last posted something.

and im back from kuantan yaw~

-me saying my last good bye to kuantan,owh wait im coming back >:/

i don't think this holiday is ever going to be a holy day
since exams is coming right after the holiday
i repeat right after,i repeat again RIGHT AFTER teh holiday!
it's not just studying tht i have to worry about
but i have tons of works to finish up
i have to make stupid folios,owh and computer science assignment
which have to be in video format =__=
on top of that i have to redo src's bio data book thinggy!

gawd im going to faint,
i did badly on the last exam so i really
want to make up on this upcoming exam!
nasuha can get 4 flat, i can get 4 flat too!!
. . . . .
who am i kidding,im a dumbass

-my cool locker

-my bed.

mooooving on,LOOK AT MA ROOM!!
ain't it look cool,im so cool