Wednesday, February 3, 2010

it's finale,im going.

i dreamed of this,
i wanted this,
i pray for this everyday.
so you guys,please let me go,i need this
i know,you guys will miss me,i swear i'll miss you guys too
i'll miss doing everything with ya'll
and maybe it's a sign,my best friend got in the same school too.
you guys,please make it easy for me to say good bye.

ugh this post is sooo,jiwang...
awww remember the time when im all jiwang and everything i wrote is shakespear-ish?
and i even wrote a jiwang song with doda.
lol,tht's pretty dope.

i can't type anymore,
this is too much.
too painful for an almost 16 years old girl.

owh and dahlia im-ed me on facebook today.
even after 3 years of staying in boarding school,
she said she's bored without us.

dot,dot,dot(tht's wht aisya would probably say)


p/s:i'll make sure i won't change.still yer home gal R@moNa.

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