Friday, January 15, 2010

let me hear your voice(extended version)

hahaha,i seriously like big bang's japanese single,koe wo kikasete or also
known as let me hear your voice.

i have some pretty hard time downloading tht song
the first time i download it,my internet connection suddenly disconnect.
and the second time i tried to download it,4shared suddenly stop working
AND FINALLY,after 2 frekin' attempt, i got to listen to their song thanks to mediafire


anyway i kindda like window 7,i don't find it hard to use
it's wayyyy cooler than window xp,window 7 is dope ya'll
owh and window 7 have the dope-est brushes(paint)
who knows now we can use crayons in our computer?

-example of a dope brush

i don't want this post to be all emo and depressy and all
but here goes nothing.
i didn't get any offer from SBP
and to top tht off, i don't hold any position for kapa,bm club and basketball club.
so my futue is basically me not entering malaysia's top institution
obviously im not going to get to go to yale since i don't hold any posistion
and i suck a lot and ughhh i just felt isolated by ma hommies.
and i just want to get this off my chest,i personaly think tht ma hommies hate me
hmm,to think of it again,theres A LOT of back stabbing in our friendship
let's face it we have an unhealty realtionship,correction friendship(relationship sounded too gay)

SO,i have a suggestion to healtalize(is tht even a word) our friendship!
-congrats rather than rant when someone get good grades(or better grades thn u)
-don't whinge when u got an effin good position,try to be grateful of what u already holds.
-try not to talk about people's physic.tht sort of hurt.and try to stay away from talking about b***s

i guess for now,thts the only suggestion i can think of.

ptff,im going to listen to big bang's now XD

bye bye

ami is such a loser in life,i hope i die peacefully,yo hommies out there please don't spit on my tomb stone,even if u hate me so much



Aisya said...

noone hates u. u feel isolated, but nobody is isolating u. ur just emotional. trust me, we pun terasa u ckp we isolate u.because we speaking here on the behalf of, sorry if theres anything we did wrong. we're just humans. even as friends we make our mistakes.

average ami said...

wtv,i knw im not a favourite but don't fake it if u hate me ya know.
wekkk,i dont wanna talk abt this anymore.

Anonymous said...

i always love yew T_T Dont you see my true feeling!?! lol<gay