Saturday, January 30, 2010

big shocker,big bang,say what?

ugh so i kindda like,like big bang
tht just suck yaww,cuz ya know
i used to be all asianny and almost like doda
i have a group on imeem posting everything asian.
so ya know,i don't do tht anymore
but NOW,i listen to big bang yo,BIG BANG
an sian pop group,i don't know if this is good or anything
but whatever,i hope i only like big bang and not other asian group
cuz i'll be all asianny and not hollywood glam kindda girl.

-they wear marc jacobs,okay.

-aisya think he's sexii i think he's manly.

owh more bad new to top of the bad news,i like T.O.P
XD but it's ok,he's like the badass in tht band
he's not the oh-im-so-pretty-gay-guy kindda guy,ya know
he's so manly.eww i shouldn't say tht.

anyyyyway,this season of american idol look boring
i think last season,is THE biggest season
but im really looking forward to see ellen on the show
i hope she won't go all serious and not cracking jokes,tht would suck.

owh and did i tell you how hard it is to be a senior?
every fuggin day we have homework to do!
every fuggin day we have to go to school in the evening!
owh and every monday,tuesday and wednesday we have extra half an hour class.
i feel so warn out,and old,and tired
blagh and im turning 16 in just a month,OR LESS!!
being 16 is hard work,read tht juniors!
so juniors out there,stop acting as if being 15 is hard and old and stuff
cuz you'll regret it.

facebook is not working right now,
im bored.
please create a facebbok acc.
i don't use myspace anymore so how am i going to get updates from yall
if yall don't own a fb account?
damn those ego and go make yourself a facebook account!


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