Friday, December 31, 2010

they say im crayzeh

but i am not,crazy
im just addicted to pokemon.
gotta catch em' all.

-i collected these bundle of pokemon cards with my brother.
like i said, GOTTA CATCH EM' ALL!!

i was thinking to change this dentyne box into a pokeball
but i dont have the time.
hmmm, i want a real pokeball.


i always wanted to be a poke master.
i always picture my self running around with ask ketchum
collecting badges, discovering new pokemon together.
i'll be totally cooler than misty.

do we need to get A in biology to be poke master?


they left without me

my family left me behind.
this is the first time i got ditched.

aisya stop by just now.
she gave my minibites i ordered.
actually minibite is not so mini after all.
very small,very very small
not worth it to buy.i waste rm21 for that.
but it's kindda cute so i dont quite mind.

this cost me's as big as my finger nail.

-i like this donut ring,so i don't mind.

so i still haven't finish my homework.
and i'll be going to kuantan tomorrow.
awesome,just awesome.

i think my new hobby now is
making stuff out of pyssla beads.
it's not fun.
but i love the end product.

-inspired by the black eyed peas new single-the time.

i'll try making cuter version of this single.

adios amigos.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

time, is one selfish dude

not like a week or 2 kindda like almost over.
it's like 2 or 3 DAYS almost over


anyway,even though i haven't finish my homework
i still manage to draw fatami
and so i ask my brother,
what movie should fatami get in to?
so he said tron.

and so,HERE IS FATAMI in ser sexiii cat suit

im just bored,i need something to cheer me up.

Friday, December 3, 2010

taylor swift is going to sue me.

owh yeah.
taylor swift probably is going to sue me since fatami look wayyyyy fabulous-er than her.
well, that's her fault.ya know yellow pops on black people's skin.
i quote, " yellow is SOOOO your colour. taylor pakai kaler tu tak pop"-Iman Sofea.

doing bish stole my look, really give me reasons to keep on blogging.
and so,i have coughdrawncough.correction, fatami again
just to make episode #2 of bish stole ma look.

-bish stole my look is an individual work done by ami with ideas from her fans(if she had one,heh)all art are made by windows paint.ain't that awesome.

besides,i got nothing to do.
other than listening to faizal tahir's song
dang it.damn his song.

with out further or due.
here is,FATAMI!!

-left,lady gaga.right,fatami in a decent version of lady gaga's dress.

i have no life.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

bitch,you got something under your nose

finally my random instinct is tingling!
last night i randomly wrote a novel,well a 12 page essay is a novel right?
what ever.

geez i hate holiday.
i got lazier and lazier each day.
i despise holiday but i need holiday.
dang it.

anyway,fatami just comitted fashion crime
by wearing the same dress as some one else.
uh-oh how un glamorous.

it's time to play, BISH STOLE MY LOOK!




Sunday, November 21, 2010

if she's asian why is she black?

fatami have issues okay?
im like kimora,we got skin issue,but we're asians i tell you.


p/s:im just bored,always wanted a double post.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

i have chair imprint butt

just sitting infront of your laptop
can cause big problem.
in my case,i now have chair imprint butt(if such words exist)
it's hard to believe
but my butt now looks like an ikea chair.
not cute.

talking about ikea,i haven't been to that place for quiet a while.
i'll die if they deliver new catalog,i'll die for ikea ;)
so since they heven't deliver the 2011 catalog YET.
i as an obsessed ikea fan
went to their website and found out nothing new about them
which is disappointing . the only thing that would made my day
do nothing except headache.

kai bai.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

im a lazy bump,big deal.

im beginning to get lazy.
very lazy.
i don't feel like moving my fingers right now.
and i do feel like i want to stop writing.
but i must not stop,as i am trying not to be lazy
yes, i am trying not to be lazy.
but as you can see,my sentence construction is effortless or in other words full of laziness
i found out in china,parents sent their lazy ass children to a boot camp
i don't want that.
you can die there.

i found out that im dying

i have a disease called floaters.
it's absorbing my life energy.
i'll be dead in 2 month time.
so i don't need to go to school.

cause dead people can't go to school.

"but ami what is floaters?"-imaginary friend
well,floaters is a thing in your eyes.
it's annoying you see.
i'll die cause of annoyance.

-stuff i see.

famous person who have floater:

stewie griffin.

Squiggly Line by Stewie Griffin

Oh squiggly line in my eye fluid.
I see you lurking there on the periphery of my vision.
But when I try to look at you, you scurry away.
Are you shy, squiggly line?
Why only when I ignore you, do you return to the center of my eye?
Oh, squiggly line, it's alright, you are forgiven.


p/s:floaters don't kill,it's just annoying

Saturday, October 16, 2010

i'm not creative anymore

after looking back at my previous post,
when im still a young and ambitious blogger
i can conclude that,

-i love to write about my shit
-i love to post my painting from paint
-i used A LOT of "f" words
-cursing is like a must in every post

plus, im much more creative when im 13 than i am right now
i can't write meaningful crappy things anymore!
im no longer the fun,cursing and ambitious blogger i used to be!!~
when can i get my quality back?
how?when and where????!!

now right beside me, there's a bottle of milk tea and a can of tuna.
and it's 1.30 am
and im still eating and not yet asleep
im a fat ass fat making machine.

-my komunis, Merong Gagah Pekasa

i'll miss Pesta Wau,it's so hearth touching in some ways
next year is SPM ,i'll never get to do his again.
sob sob.


Friday, September 17, 2010

i have a secret to tell you

and im not going to tell you.

-those sunlight behind him make him look so sexii

but i am going to tell you this,
owh i wish i could have a boyfriend who can sing really well
just like bruno mars, and just serenade me with "just the way you are"
E V E R Y D A Y.
how cute and romantic

hmmm, enough with the hopeless romantic imagination of mine
next week is EXAM
owh mai kentang goreng, i am goin' to dai!
i spent my holiday by doing nothing,eating and sleeping
and i don't know why but lately
my friends keep on making "makan-makan" party.
and when im with my friend,i cant stop talking
why must i have cool friends?

btw, i think there's something wrong with my brain
i keep on forgetting things easily
that's why i hate to preping up for exam in such an early stage
if there's a tuk guru of pelajaran reading my blog here,
PLEASE, give me some studying tips for losers like me.


owh raya is fun

Monday, September 6, 2010

time flies


it's been a long time,i repeat a long time,i repeat again,
A LONG TIME since i last posted something.

and im back from kuantan yaw~

-me saying my last good bye to kuantan,owh wait im coming back >:/

i don't think this holiday is ever going to be a holy day
since exams is coming right after the holiday
i repeat right after,i repeat again RIGHT AFTER teh holiday!
it's not just studying tht i have to worry about
but i have tons of works to finish up
i have to make stupid folios,owh and computer science assignment
which have to be in video format =__=
on top of that i have to redo src's bio data book thinggy!

gawd im going to faint,
i did badly on the last exam so i really
want to make up on this upcoming exam!
nasuha can get 4 flat, i can get 4 flat too!!
. . . . .
who am i kidding,im a dumbass

-my cool locker

-my bed.

mooooving on,LOOK AT MA ROOM!!
ain't it look cool,im so cool


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

day by day


obviously im bored,owh and im still working on my "rumusan"
ptff,the teacher don't even want it,but ya know
im a good student even when it's just days before me leaving
im still going to complete moi homework.
heeee,except for "komsas" i don't find it wise.
since im not going to study "papa" anymore.

owh DO NOT approve stranger in facebook,they're so flirty
in a bad way cus they're so ugly.
this one guy,tried to flirt on aisya,through me
and so i deleted him,and i vow never to approve strangers
EVEN if he have 30+ mutual friends =__= or in this case,3

attention, james mcavoy is soooo last year.
im starting to wove,likee,adore,t.o.p
yeah the guy i mention on the last 2 post.
i now know tht his real name acctually have nothing to do
with his stage name,does choi seung hyun relate to T,O AND P?
i think he's 1.81 cm,hmm tht's pretty tall
owh and his weight is 63kg,skinny for a man tht tall.
and he like kissing girls tht he adore.
ptff,u suck for kissing lots of girls!
you bettah stop doing tht dude,or im dumping you next year!!*ghetto head movement*

-my new man,T.O.P rawr.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

it's finale,im going.

i dreamed of this,
i wanted this,
i pray for this everyday.
so you guys,please let me go,i need this
i know,you guys will miss me,i swear i'll miss you guys too
i'll miss doing everything with ya'll
and maybe it's a sign,my best friend got in the same school too.
you guys,please make it easy for me to say good bye.

ugh this post is sooo,jiwang...
awww remember the time when im all jiwang and everything i wrote is shakespear-ish?
and i even wrote a jiwang song with doda.
lol,tht's pretty dope.

i can't type anymore,
this is too much.
too painful for an almost 16 years old girl.

owh and dahlia im-ed me on facebook today.
even after 3 years of staying in boarding school,
she said she's bored without us.

dot,dot,dot(tht's wht aisya would probably say)


p/s:i'll make sure i won't change.still yer home gal R@moNa.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

big shocker,big bang,say what?

ugh so i kindda like,like big bang
tht just suck yaww,cuz ya know
i used to be all asianny and almost like doda
i have a group on imeem posting everything asian.
so ya know,i don't do tht anymore
but NOW,i listen to big bang yo,BIG BANG
an sian pop group,i don't know if this is good or anything
but whatever,i hope i only like big bang and not other asian group
cuz i'll be all asianny and not hollywood glam kindda girl.

-they wear marc jacobs,okay.

-aisya think he's sexii i think he's manly.

owh more bad new to top of the bad news,i like T.O.P
XD but it's ok,he's like the badass in tht band
he's not the oh-im-so-pretty-gay-guy kindda guy,ya know
he's so manly.eww i shouldn't say tht.

anyyyyway,this season of american idol look boring
i think last season,is THE biggest season
but im really looking forward to see ellen on the show
i hope she won't go all serious and not cracking jokes,tht would suck.

owh and did i tell you how hard it is to be a senior?
every fuggin day we have homework to do!
every fuggin day we have to go to school in the evening!
owh and every monday,tuesday and wednesday we have extra half an hour class.
i feel so warn out,and old,and tired
blagh and im turning 16 in just a month,OR LESS!!
being 16 is hard work,read tht juniors!
so juniors out there,stop acting as if being 15 is hard and old and stuff
cuz you'll regret it.

facebook is not working right now,
im bored.
please create a facebbok acc.
i don't use myspace anymore so how am i going to get updates from yall
if yall don't own a fb account?
damn those ego and go make yourself a facebook account!


Friday, January 15, 2010

let me hear your voice(extended version)

hahaha,i seriously like big bang's japanese single,koe wo kikasete or also
known as let me hear your voice.

i have some pretty hard time downloading tht song
the first time i download it,my internet connection suddenly disconnect.
and the second time i tried to download it,4shared suddenly stop working
AND FINALLY,after 2 frekin' attempt, i got to listen to their song thanks to mediafire


anyway i kindda like window 7,i don't find it hard to use
it's wayyyy cooler than window xp,window 7 is dope ya'll
owh and window 7 have the dope-est brushes(paint)
who knows now we can use crayons in our computer?

-example of a dope brush

i don't want this post to be all emo and depressy and all
but here goes nothing.
i didn't get any offer from SBP
and to top tht off, i don't hold any position for kapa,bm club and basketball club.
so my futue is basically me not entering malaysia's top institution
obviously im not going to get to go to yale since i don't hold any posistion
and i suck a lot and ughhh i just felt isolated by ma hommies.
and i just want to get this off my chest,i personaly think tht ma hommies hate me
hmm,to think of it again,theres A LOT of back stabbing in our friendship
let's face it we have an unhealty realtionship,correction friendship(relationship sounded too gay)

SO,i have a suggestion to healtalize(is tht even a word) our friendship!
-congrats rather than rant when someone get good grades(or better grades thn u)
-don't whinge when u got an effin good position,try to be grateful of what u already holds.
-try not to talk about people's physic.tht sort of hurt.and try to stay away from talking about b***s

i guess for now,thts the only suggestion i can think of.

ptff,im going to listen to big bang's now XD

bye bye

ami is such a loser in life,i hope i die peacefully,yo hommies out there please don't spit on my tomb stone,even if u hate me so much