Tuesday, December 29, 2009

shopping with mom and sister?

omg,i know it sounds like girly bonding time with my sister
but it's actually a girly bonding time with my mom

my mom is a hard core shopper
well,she's not the kind who shops till she drops or ran out of cash
she SCANS EVERYTHING in a store
she stops at EVERY SINGLE corner

wow,my dad walks too fast and my mom walks too slow.
weird eyh.

well,tht's all last night's event
today,we(aidid,mom,sister) went to leisure mall
tht place is full of chinese,
aidid cried last night cus i didn't update his psp
so he beg my mom to go to leisure mall cus we always buy psp game there

anyway,after updating his psp
we went to guardian to buy my nail polish remover
i can't resist not buying it,i always wanted a french manicure kit
but i knw my dad is not going to like it
eventually,i bought tht thing,heh sorry dad

then we went to living cabin to find my self a small trash can
ya know for my nail parlor corner in ma room.
aidid promises me to buy me a trash can if i got 8a's
so he paid for the can.how cute XD
owh and he also bought me 2 nail polish.

and then my mom wanted to buy a SKIRT for her.
since she now own a dozen of legging,she wanted to
versatilise her way of wearing those legging.
so we went to some tacky chinese fashion base shop
and we found a perfect skirt for my mom.LOL

after tht we went home.
for rm 20,cikit darah tht akak.

-ma trash can,ze french manicure kit,and 2 new colour,the sims 3,the nail club's ad



Nurina Amir said...

omg ur hair looks longer than the last time i met u.

Ren rocks; said...

i don't know why but somehow ami looks so chinese in pictures XD

average ami said...
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average ami said...

PTFF,ren im latin,not chinese!!

da kate mak aku half chinese
ape nak buat?WEKKKKKKKK