Wednesday, November 25, 2009

why i is so asian?

i is not understand
ok cut it off ami,eww i call myself ami,an asian name

i can't stop thinking about how ugly i am
im surrounded by cute and beautiful people
and that makes me more ugly
i think im the ugliest,the hottest would be EVERYONE

i don't have specialties,or something so nice you look at me
everything is either normal or damn-right ugly
my smile is as normal as it can be,
no laughing lines, and absolutely no dimples
just plain boring smile.

i have slit eye,no offence asians,im asian too
dark black in coloured,nothing change under sunlight
and i have the weirdest nose ever!
every time i smile,my nostril looked,god knows how big it gets
i think there's a bump on my nose,eww

owh and ofcourse my lips!
they are soo small yet soo big
hmm,how to explain?
it's small,but it's puffy like Kat DeLuna's
yes,like hers.

one last thing,im also FAT
that would round things up.

this is such an emo post
and owh ma gawd,i don't even curse!
an emo post with no swear words.WOW
this rehab thing is really working out

let's move on to the bright side,
it says here tht it will protect your curl for 24 hour!
can't wait to em out!!but im still ugly,eww

lastly,guardian sucks!
go watson!!!

p/s:i cried when my dad won't buy me watson's french manicure set.i suck



Puteri A said...

ami, trust me.
you are NOT ugly.

it's okay, we all have those moments when everything is just NOT fine.
i knw hw u feel x.x

Whitebourbon said...

u can draw!

average ami said...

but i am ugly
and seth,i can draw but im still ugly and fat

average ami said...
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