Thursday, November 19, 2009

haven't meet you yet

im oh-so-fara
my blog title is also,michael buble's new song ;)
except i am here to talk about tht song,i meant the video
tht girl in the video, looks like lisa kudrow.dont ya think?
a younger looking lisa kudrow,or more decent looking lisa kudrow
owh,and tht girl in the video IS michael buble's real girlfriend :O
BUMMER!!ok not

(lisa/michael buble's girlfriend)

well,today i watch the cd rin gave me
she's such a nice girl,isn't she?
uh,but whatever i still got the cd
i've watched the last king of scotland
the movie's fineee,except for some mild nudity
=__= why does most of the thing i wanted to watch involve nudity?!!
james mcavoy's is uh.. also nude

MOVING ON,speaking about james mcavoy
can you still remember him in the movie becoming jane?
WHICH he also appear nude in a scene in tht movie*eww*
he once said this to jane,"i have no money,no preperty bla bla bla"
well in this book i 've read(mr cavendish i presume)
the main character said THE SAME THING!
owh ma gawd
did i tell you the story line is almost the same as jane austen's book?
yah it's like almost the same!
but i still enjoy reading it
a lady and a duke yaww?how can i not love this book?!

owh i smell like pizza
uh im going to get fatter,grrr
bye now,im going to shoot my self and hung myself with a hook and strap it on my ceiling

owh owh owh,i want to watch "amelia"
ewan mcgregor's in it
and his name is not pranounce E-WAN
it's YOU-AN,and he's scottish ;)


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Luisana 22
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