Monday, November 9, 2009

and the obsession continues.

my obsession with old hollywood hunks,continuesss
eww i shouldn't type "hunks"
tht's weird,well mooooving on
as all of my friends know,im no longer into tween star
and im currently liking older movie star
by older i mean,twice my age older.

one day i was searching old hollywood hunks,correction..guy on imdb
i love that site btw
then i found out that Obi Wan Kanobi was played by Ewan McGregor!!
and those who don't know who ewan mcgregor is,
he's that guy who played renee zellweger's lover in "Miss Potter"
<3 tht movie btw(so sad tht he died)
well,i think he's quiet uh-good looking
"eww ami wht are u thinking?"i gotta feeling i might hear tht quote,somehow

but nevertheless,i still love uh-like james mcavoy
he's sooooo cute
i've watch 3 of his movie now,heee
im planning on buying some of he's movie
then i can watch him over,and over,and over again <3

hmm,i don't know why
but i really like guys in the 18th/19th century
they're soo proper and neat
unlike guys nowaday
who only dresses themselves in plaids*pukes*

owh look at this trivia i found on imdb:
"James McAvoy had to wear three inch lifts throughout the filming of the entire movie because at 5'7 he is shorter than his 5'8 leading lady Anne Hathaway."on Becoming Jane


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