Wednesday, November 25, 2009

why i is so asian?

i is not understand
ok cut it off ami,eww i call myself ami,an asian name

i can't stop thinking about how ugly i am
im surrounded by cute and beautiful people
and that makes me more ugly
i think im the ugliest,the hottest would be EVERYONE

i don't have specialties,or something so nice you look at me
everything is either normal or damn-right ugly
my smile is as normal as it can be,
no laughing lines, and absolutely no dimples
just plain boring smile.

i have slit eye,no offence asians,im asian too
dark black in coloured,nothing change under sunlight
and i have the weirdest nose ever!
every time i smile,my nostril looked,god knows how big it gets
i think there's a bump on my nose,eww

owh and ofcourse my lips!
they are soo small yet soo big
hmm,how to explain?
it's small,but it's puffy like Kat DeLuna's
yes,like hers.

one last thing,im also FAT
that would round things up.

this is such an emo post
and owh ma gawd,i don't even curse!
an emo post with no swear words.WOW
this rehab thing is really working out

let's move on to the bright side,
it says here tht it will protect your curl for 24 hour!
can't wait to em out!!but im still ugly,eww

lastly,guardian sucks!
go watson!!!

p/s:i cried when my dad won't buy me watson's french manicure set.i suck


Thursday, November 19, 2009

haven't meet you yet

im oh-so-fara
my blog title is also,michael buble's new song ;)
except i am here to talk about tht song,i meant the video
tht girl in the video, looks like lisa kudrow.dont ya think?
a younger looking lisa kudrow,or more decent looking lisa kudrow
owh,and tht girl in the video IS michael buble's real girlfriend :O
BUMMER!!ok not

(lisa/michael buble's girlfriend)

well,today i watch the cd rin gave me
she's such a nice girl,isn't she?
uh,but whatever i still got the cd
i've watched the last king of scotland
the movie's fineee,except for some mild nudity
=__= why does most of the thing i wanted to watch involve nudity?!!
james mcavoy's is uh.. also nude

MOVING ON,speaking about james mcavoy
can you still remember him in the movie becoming jane?
WHICH he also appear nude in a scene in tht movie*eww*
he once said this to jane,"i have no money,no preperty bla bla bla"
well in this book i 've read(mr cavendish i presume)
the main character said THE SAME THING!
owh ma gawd
did i tell you the story line is almost the same as jane austen's book?
yah it's like almost the same!
but i still enjoy reading it
a lady and a duke yaww?how can i not love this book?!

owh i smell like pizza
uh im going to get fatter,grrr
bye now,im going to shoot my self and hung myself with a hook and strap it on my ceiling

owh owh owh,i want to watch "amelia"
ewan mcgregor's in it
and his name is not pranounce E-WAN
it's YOU-AN,and he's scottish ;)


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

drools,yuck but he's hot

he?who he?
duh,james mcavoy!!
my saliva's everywhere,he's soo adowable <3


moving on,i hate selena gomez
and soo,i think i need to go to rehab or something
i can't live hating someone!
you see,im starting to be a good person now
first,i apologized to jash
and right now im listening to selena's album,as a first step of rehabilitation
also,i think i'll stop calling her whoremez,thts not nice
but not now.

i dont know why,but i like 'collecting" albums
but not like,buying them but downloading them
the joy of just looking at it,it's,uh fun?

-my "collection" minus the one i lost,after reformatting this stuhpidz pc


im bored

miley sucks!!

ok bye


Thursday, November 12, 2009

the new bookstore in town

i finally get to step my foot on Borders bookstore
it's HUGE!
if you people looooove books
go to the curve border bookstore

soo,i bought a new book
it's called "Mr Cavendish,I Presume"
i fell in love with the synopsis,it's about a girl
who's engaged to a duke since she was just six month old
and now i have 4 freakin books on hold,
i better start reading ,NOW

im very tired today
owh and padini's cloth are soo fucked up
it's plain and boring.
i'd love to shop with my friends there,i meant the curve/ikano/ikea
did i just type in ikea?
hmmm,sweet smell of ikea



Monday, November 9, 2009

and the obsession continues.

my obsession with old hollywood hunks,continuesss
eww i shouldn't type "hunks"
tht's weird,well mooooving on
as all of my friends know,im no longer into tween star
and im currently liking older movie star
by older i mean,twice my age older.

one day i was searching old hollywood hunks,correction..guy on imdb
i love that site btw
then i found out that Obi Wan Kanobi was played by Ewan McGregor!!
and those who don't know who ewan mcgregor is,
he's that guy who played renee zellweger's lover in "Miss Potter"
<3 tht movie btw(so sad tht he died)
well,i think he's quiet uh-good looking
"eww ami wht are u thinking?"i gotta feeling i might hear tht quote,somehow

but nevertheless,i still love uh-like james mcavoy
he's sooooo cute
i've watch 3 of his movie now,heee
im planning on buying some of he's movie
then i can watch him over,and over,and over again <3

hmm,i don't know why
but i really like guys in the 18th/19th century
they're soo proper and neat
unlike guys nowaday
who only dresses themselves in plaids*pukes*

owh look at this trivia i found on imdb:
"James McAvoy had to wear three inch lifts throughout the filming of the entire movie because at 5'7 he is shorter than his 5'8 leading lady Anne Hathaway."on Becoming Jane


Sunday, November 1, 2009

it's my destiny <3

i think it's my destiny to marry an older guy,correction
wayyyyyyy older guy
after reading put's blog
i tried out this thing called M.A.S.H
after filling in the blanks,
tht thing will spin around and tell me my future

and my future is:

You will attend harvard to become a doctor. You will live in new york, in a mansion. You will marry Bono on top of a hill at iceland. Your honeymoon will be in langkawi island. You will have 4 kids and a horse. You will drive a black merc.

woooow,i'll become a doctor
and look..
who's waaaayyyy older than me
i bet he'll be dead 6 week after we get marry -___-

owh look,it's fara's/aisya's top!!
seriously wht's soo cool abt tht top?!!
why is everyone wearing it?