Sunday, October 18, 2009

just say yes

it's snow patrol's new single
if yo ma best friend, ya'll should know that,
snow patrol is one of me favorite band

sooo,it's been almost a month or 2 since me last post
ya man,me feel a little bit reggae today
moving on,last wednesday me found out mai*sarah* is going to beyonce's concert
me love beyonce and only god know how jealous i am right now*grrr*

and also,if ya'll ma bestfriend,ya'll should know tht i LOVE tekken
today,i played tekken ALL DAY LOOOOONG
i got to say im freakin' good at this.
and and i unlocked ALL-THE-CHARACTER,OH-ME-GOD
aisya and put,you are welcome to my house to try out all the new character
im dang good when im using:nina williams,anna williams and lee chaulan

can't wait for tekken 6,hehehehehe
UNFORTUNATELY,it'll only come out for ps3 or psp or xbox 360
and the unfortunate part is,i don't have all of the above
but i do have psp,but it's SOOO SMALLL.fuck you tekken

i guess that's all for today!
bye bye

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