Monday, August 17, 2009

my future

hmm,today i have to decide what elective subject imma take
and i don't know what to take
which is bad.

even my father can't give me the answer
he just said,"pick the subject that you love,i can't help"
i don't know what i want to be
i don't know what im good at
i don't know anything!
i don't even know what EST is
is it important?can i drop that subject and exchange it to engineering drawing?
or just stick to what the package offered
what makes this harder is that,we can only take 10 subjects ONLY

dang,i hate this
not knowing all the answers for my questions
not knowing what im going to be in the future
this all sucks

aisya wanted to take art class.(bad idea,maybe)
i can draw,but i don't want to draw as a living
can i even live with my drawings?
will it even sell?
stupid questions always popping in my head

i love astronomy,but there's no such subject offered
knowing about the stars and the galaxy,it's fuuun
i want to know more about them

well,put and fara already have an ambition of their own
they both wanted to be an accountant
i don't.
when i was 12 i wanted to be a vet,but when im 13 i stared to lose interest in that
and now, i sometimes wanted to be an architect,next thing i know
i wanted to be a politician which is stupid
and just now,i told fara i wanted to a bone specialist

this is silly,writing about my future
which is stupid,of course i'll end up in a box

well,let's look at the bright sight,
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Jaguh said...

Dear lil sis.. EST stands for English for Science and Technology, Its one of those boring subject you dont have to do no shit to score A, u should take the subject.. Some people says its hard but i dont tink its hard, its f'in easy..

Engineering Drawing ?? what the fish.. That crap is so useless, I can teach you that in 3 seconds, draw a line and a nother line and voila.. There you have it engineering drawing in 3 seconds.. You cant event transfer the credit when you are in university and had this subject.. And yeah the equipment is exxpensive..

You should stay away from
-Akaun (It will eat you alive, This piece of shit almost cost me my spm)

See me to consult further..

average ami said...

hmm this is quite embarrassing
my brother,giving me advise
usually you only mock and yell

soo,you telling me it's better for me to stick with what the package offer?