Friday, August 28, 2009

constant farting and boring days

this post title really got something to do with my life
lately,my days turn out to be effin boring
if i sleep too much i'll end up feeling nauseous
if i don't get much sleep i'll end up feeling tired all the time!
sleeping won't fill my daily boringness,
now my days turn out to be more boring than ever

and one more thing,whats up with me farting all the time?
yes people,i FART
i got to tell yah,my fart don't smell like MY fart
no no no
this time my fart smelled oh-so-good
by good i meant bad,really bad
sometime i got to take wuduk almost 5 time when i read the al-quran
and im not kidding

look at me trying to be a rockstar,even thought i dont even know how to play guitar
heh,im boredddddd


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Najho said...

heh? nice strumming -_-"