Friday, July 10, 2009

owh shit,i smell shit

i accidentally step on a pile of shit

one day,as usual,ami go out at 7.08 and pick up nunu to go to school
on her way to school,the last think ami could ever think of is,stepping on a shit
then ami arrived at school safely,or that's what she think
the teacher then asked them to gather up for their school assembly
so,ami and her friends do as what they were told to
while ami was putting down her bag,she smelled something weird..very weird
she then asked fara and aisya about it
aisya said she smell cat poo, fara said she can't smell anything and she bring orange juice to school today
still unconfortable ,ami check her bag,who knows it might be under her bag?
but there's nothing down there
confused,aisya asked her to check on her shoes
with full confidence,ami check her left shoe
relief..there's nothing
but then,when she raise her right shoe to check it out,TROUBLE
she saw a big lump of chocholate colored playdoh-like stuff,stuck on her shoe
paniced,ami asked aisya what to do
aisya told her to wash it off
with tears,she ran to the freaking toilet(on the 3rd floor)and desprately wash off the shit
she tought it was over,BUT IT'S JUST THE BEGINING
when the teacher asked them to sit down,ami found out new trouble
more shit now, stuck on the fabric part of the shoe=CAN'T WASH IT OFF
again,she ask fara for some change,and rush to the telephone booth with doda
after calling her mom,she waited for half an hour for the new shoes and sock she asked for
angry,she called her mom again,but found out that her stupid brother did'nt show up at the guard house eventhought her mom said he's out for half an hour ago.
bullshit,yeap that kid is bullshit,ami found her brother happyly playing basketball with his gay pals
ami throw a middle finger to her brother,doda was not shock,she was expecting this
ami then change her shoes and socks,and yelled to her brother for one last time.
thank god it was over.THE END.

YoezZZ Sh@nIQuazZ,R@mon@Z iN dA' HOUsezZ!!
OWh ANd mA' NEw Ho0megirL,mOSh@nIQuatAe!!
LOvE ya'LL!!
peACezZ OuTZzz!!

introducing, ami's alter ego,Ramona
or also known as ms.WTF it's ramona,biatch

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