Monday, June 1, 2009

what i think

list of what i think:

-i think people who always crap about their stuff are stupid
-i think people who flaunt about expensive stuff they bought,well obviously they're stupid
-i think farting is cool
-i think gaia's and awesome place for speed dating
-i think this years form 2 kids are horrible in everything
-i think twilight starting to look lame because of over exposure from the stupid form 2 kids
-i think james franco's hot
-i think taylor lautner should just die,he's too much
-i think my cat's gay
-i think nunu should never ever ever be emo again
-i think im cool
-i think i can sing
-i think izurin hates me
-i think fara's an anorexic drama queen
-i think im a fat drama queen
-i think that this list starting to get boring
-i think i should stop
-i think im stopping now

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