Sunday, June 14, 2009

lady ewwyucggahaaghaaGAGA

this is not for you seth but,you want post i give yah
so you better read this!

i watch lady gaga's new music video,Paparazzi
and uhh...if you're under 13 better not watch it

at the starting of the video you can only see lady gaga smooching
a dude, that video starting to look like porno or something
blagh,i swear i covered my eyes when things get too..blagh eww
then suddenly she fell from her balcony because her boyfriend shove her
then BOOM,she's on a wheelchair
but nope that's not all,then she turn into a dancing cyborg!!

weird,then she started to lick other girls,that is just,ugh eww yuck
and after that she dance,and it was weird,and she got big nose i tell yah
uh uh and i saw her butt..that is soo lady gaga
then she put poison on her boyfriend's drink
and she gave it to him,then he drink it
and he's dead

lady gaga then called 911 and told them that she killed
her boyfriend,then she smiled
finally she pose too much for her mugshot, again that is soo lady gaga
and the end

whoooah that video's like a movie
usually 5 minutes too long for a music video
but nope, it's 7.3 minutes
anyone planning to watch this
uh..good luck?

and and my father almost saw what im watching
sigh,thank gosh he didn't see anything
what am i going to explain to him if he saw me watching people smooching on a bed?
lady gaga's disgusting,but i like that song :)

people, don't get me wrong
im not perverted or anything
it's lady gaga!blame her!!

the end

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Whitebourbon said...

uh uh and i was her butt..that is soo lady gaga :)