Saturday, June 27, 2009

my dysfunctional family

guess what happen today?
my car doors broke
thanks to my idiotic sister,who carelessly open the door
and let the door smash a motorcycle

poor car,how could my sister be that stupid
i know she's stupid,but can't she handle her stupidity?
urghhh..thank god im not there
when that happen im at home
i swear to god,if im there im going to kick her right on her ugly face
fuck her

im starting to think that im the only one who's NORMAL in this family
as you all know,my sister's suffer from a disease called UGLY AND STUPID DISORDER
sheeesh cut the crap with the stupidity,OK?
and listen to this sistah!YOU'RE NOT 7!!STOP ACTING LIKE ONE
both of my brother can't handle their tamper
they both got anger management issue
and did i told you that my first elder brother think he's robert pattison?
yeah he thinks he's a vampire.harsh reality,YOU'RE NOT A VAMPIRE!!
and there's my little brother,he's a total wimp
he can't even open a ketchup bottle
let's not talk about my parents.they're just being parents

im like Michael Bluth in Arrested Development
everyone's dysfunctional,and he's the only one who's normal
i can't believe im living with a bunch of losers
but it's not like i hate them.but yeah,i hate them
but still,they're my family
what to do?i just have to suck it

Sunday, June 14, 2009

*gasping for air* he is so.. *gasp*CUTE!

well im here just to tell you how cute
James McAvoy is in Penelope

i've researched him and he's not that cute after all
but,whooooah he is soooooo cute in the movie Penelope
omg i think im sweating,like because of him
air air i need air!!
im hyperventilating!!omg im HYPERVENTILATING!!

but don't get me wrong,
i still love my man,james franco
OMG they're both JAMES?
what a coincidence!!

i've tried finding more picture of him as Johnny/Max in Penelope
but no..there's not much
dang,what a disappointment


lady ewwyucggahaaghaaGAGA

this is not for you seth but,you want post i give yah
so you better read this!

i watch lady gaga's new music video,Paparazzi
and uhh...if you're under 13 better not watch it

at the starting of the video you can only see lady gaga smooching
a dude, that video starting to look like porno or something
blagh,i swear i covered my eyes when things get too..blagh eww
then suddenly she fell from her balcony because her boyfriend shove her
then BOOM,she's on a wheelchair
but nope that's not all,then she turn into a dancing cyborg!!

weird,then she started to lick other girls,that is just,ugh eww yuck
and after that she dance,and it was weird,and she got big nose i tell yah
uh uh and i saw her butt..that is soo lady gaga
then she put poison on her boyfriend's drink
and she gave it to him,then he drink it
and he's dead

lady gaga then called 911 and told them that she killed
her boyfriend,then she smiled
finally she pose too much for her mugshot, again that is soo lady gaga
and the end

whoooah that video's like a movie
usually 5 minutes too long for a music video
but nope, it's 7.3 minutes
anyone planning to watch this
uh..good luck?

and and my father almost saw what im watching
sigh,thank gosh he didn't see anything
what am i going to explain to him if he saw me watching people smooching on a bed?
lady gaga's disgusting,but i like that song :)

people, don't get me wrong
im not perverted or anything
it's lady gaga!blame her!!

the end

Monday, June 1, 2009

what i think

list of what i think:

-i think people who always crap about their stuff are stupid
-i think people who flaunt about expensive stuff they bought,well obviously they're stupid
-i think farting is cool
-i think gaia's and awesome place for speed dating
-i think this years form 2 kids are horrible in everything
-i think twilight starting to look lame because of over exposure from the stupid form 2 kids
-i think james franco's hot
-i think taylor lautner should just die,he's too much
-i think my cat's gay
-i think nunu should never ever ever be emo again
-i think im cool
-i think i can sing
-i think izurin hates me
-i think fara's an anorexic drama queen
-i think im a fat drama queen
-i think that this list starting to get boring
-i think i should stop
-i think im stopping now

dcshoecousa,makes me cry

since my brother's on his holiday
he freakin' took over the tv channel
so i have to watch what ever he's watching

he always watch nitro circus
and every one on nitro circus wears dcshoecousa
their sweaters, their skateboard,their helmet all from dc shoe
and it's sooo pretty

so i search for dc shoe's stuff on the internet
ouh boy,they have the cutest shoes EVERRRR
and i freakin want it
but NOOOOOOOOO there's no dc shoe's store in malaysia

all those shoe,all those cute shoes
i want it!!!I WANT IT

my life's pretty boring lately
i got nothing to blog about