Friday, May 1, 2009

nose bleed!!NOSE BLEEEED

owh me gosh!!
you better watch out biatches
here's the candidate for "ami's new crush"
they're so hot,you're nose might bleed

*psss**smokes every where*-puteri afrina

James Franco

2. Hayden Christensen

3.Hugh Jackman(i know this is pathetic,but he always pop in my mind)

tht's it for now
i can't think of any other older hot guy
i'll update moreeee


[ nadia ] said...

AMI 0.0 Jambang

Puteri A said...

1 and 2 <3
hugh's hot, but too old XD

Puteri A said...

oh oh wht abt that reese whiterspoon ex hubby guy! <333

average ami said...

yes nadia yes,
im pathetic nak ade crush dgn hugh jackman XDD

average ami said...

hmmm...i'll think about it
boleh tahan jgk ex hubby reese witherspoon

fara roars; said...

haydeeeeen DUH