Sunday, May 10, 2009

gaia,gaia,gaia...ok eww

yes the title is soo cheesy
just ignore

sooo,as you all know
i've watch Wolverine today
and duhh it was awesome

for mother's day we celebrate it by eating pizzaaa
wieeeee!!even thought my mum's always on her stupid diet
she magically eat something!!

and olso today
i woke up having diarrhea!!

aww look at my rainbow shit
take note people this is not picture of my diarrhea
this is my ordinary shit

owh me god
look what i look like
im a gaia shopaholic now,
i spend my gold as if im rich
now i got nothing XD


[ nadia ] said...

add me :

Aisya said...

omg cam org kaye DAMN YOUUUUUUU