Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 little ami!!~~~

tagged by faroar

1. im left handed
2. i've finally know what's left and right in malay thanks to kawat kaki(is tht how you spell it?)
3. i share the same dream with aisya yusoff jonas, which is going to hollywood and be a rockstar
4. i finally had a crush on real life human(finally not a cartoon character)
5. unfortunately dumped by real life human crush(owh taylor...WHYYYY?!!)
6. finding new crush (curently on top of my list,James Franco :))
7. seriously,Hugh Jackman's stuck on my head, i can't get him outttt
8. i would love to keep a panda
9. im fat
10. i secreatly wants to grow taller


[ nadia ] said...

mana satu kiri? mana satu kanan?

average ami said...

yes, i x tau mana kiri,kanan