Sunday, May 10, 2009

gaia,gaia,gaia...ok eww

yes the title is soo cheesy
just ignore

sooo,as you all know
i've watch Wolverine today
and duhh it was awesome

for mother's day we celebrate it by eating pizzaaa
wieeeee!!even thought my mum's always on her stupid diet
she magically eat something!!

and olso today
i woke up having diarrhea!!

aww look at my rainbow shit
take note people this is not picture of my diarrhea
this is my ordinary shit

owh me god
look what i look like
im a gaia shopaholic now,
i spend my gold as if im rich
now i got nothing XD

wolverine,twitter and hotties

i've finally watch Wolverineeeee!!
it was wickedly awsomeeeee
but it's just so uncomfortable to watch naked man with my father and well,brother(s)
and did i ever tell you James Franco's the New Goblin?
to bad he died..
no more spiderman movie for him

the twitter world is EVIL
today you got 10 friend the next day you got nothing
unfortunately that happen to me

i don't understand why some people think
Jake Gyllenhaal is sooooo hot
he's not
uh-uh-uh did anyone here have Pineapple Express dvd?
dieing to watch it >:D

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Franco's potty mouth

ghaaa he swears
more reason to love him

i love you james edward franco

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

cocky seth,friendly ah tan and hARRRRis

i went to KAPPA's stupid weekly meeting with rin,fara,put and nunu
it's freakin' hot
and magically my face didn't turn red at all!!
well that's what fara said,but when i ask rin,
she said i look red..

and after the meeting ends
we went to the school canteen!
and nunu fought for her change
and she won!!

so then we went to the basketball court
and there's doda,naimah and mai!!!
so we played for like just a minute
then there came the big boys
and they took over the court from us
seth was there too
but he NEVER even tried to talk to us
cocky much.

and so we all gossip under the basketball hoop
we also gave moral support to hARRRis *arrrrrrrrrrr*
suddenly, came ah tan
ah tan,who i don't know him that well talked to us
but not seth :) awesome seth
we kindda make ah tan throw basketball ball to seth
geeez,im so sorry
i felt bad now for doing that
and also sorry to hotbod
it was ah tan's ideal tho.
then we went home at 6.30

the end

p/s: im very VERY sorry to hotbod and seth.i know i should'nt do it :(

oh oh oh oh!!
here's my new favorite video
it's a perfume ad with james franco in it
ghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~he's so hot

Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 little ami!!~~~

tagged by faroar

1. im left handed
2. i've finally know what's left and right in malay thanks to kawat kaki(is tht how you spell it?)
3. i share the same dream with aisya yusoff jonas, which is going to hollywood and be a rockstar
4. i finally had a crush on real life human(finally not a cartoon character)
5. unfortunately dumped by real life human crush(owh taylor...WHYYYY?!!)
6. finding new crush (curently on top of my list,James Franco :))
7. seriously,Hugh Jackman's stuck on my head, i can't get him outttt
8. i would love to keep a panda
9. im fat
10. i secreatly wants to grow taller

Friday, May 1, 2009

nose bleed!!NOSE BLEEEED

owh me gosh!!
you better watch out biatches
here's the candidate for "ami's new crush"
they're so hot,you're nose might bleed

*psss**smokes every where*-puteri afrina

James Franco

2. Hayden Christensen

3.Hugh Jackman(i know this is pathetic,but he always pop in my mind)

tht's it for now
i can't think of any other older hot guy
i'll update moreeee