Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yes,something died

to puteri,
yes,something just died

how dare you walk off
how dare you ignore me
how dare you left me out(and aisya)
how dare you not look at me
how dare you how dare you how dare you
thats just rude
rude and disrespectful to me and aisya
very very disrespectful.
shame on you
and telling your problem to the whole world?
WHY? to show how innocent you are?
or just to humiliate me?

it's been almost 3 day you're in your rude mood
and i really have to let this out.
my hands are always on standby mode to punch you whenever you show your rudeness again.
for now, i'll just ignore you
i don't want to be the evil one since your the innocent one.

FYI this is not aisya's idea
she got nothing to do with this.
it's just me and the truth

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