Thursday, April 16, 2009

stupid rehearsals,monkeys and retards

soo, i have to be in this stupid rehearsals for academic day what so ever
and it's bobba-ing boring..
so i take my note book and pen and i wrote another journal!!

Dear book,
it's bobba-ing boring here,our school choir is singing some crappy songs
geez..they suck.Owh and did i ever tell you amirul look like a monkey?big ears big head
he's a retard monkey.sob sob.

Im sandwiched in between Jash and Amirul...IM BORED I NEED MY HOMIES!!PRONTO!!
OMG!!our school own a gong!!Amirul tried to talk to Jash but he ignore him.
our school's a MESS!!there's not enought facilities...

geez...the teachers are arguing with each marian's voice pop out the most
and she disrespect students..=__= she called this student bodoh.not awsome puan mariam NOT awsomeeeezzz.

Jash's a dick.He said this to amirul "wei, ahad ni aku nak beli laptop baru!brand ape ah yang kau rasa bagus?"URGHHH..menunjuk much?!

Naimah's performingzz!!!WIEEE.This song is starting to sound crappy.Naimah forgot her moveee,she look clueless
and i finally saw wawa!!!

Im playing with my FINGER!!~wieeeeezzz.I found out that Jash sistah have bulu kaki!!but yada yada cares?yada yada she got skinny yadda yadda leg
OWHGEEZ jash's an bobba

Now im listening to a crappy song in this crappy vrooom roooom..i really need my HOMIES!!
BOBBA!! it's resces!!!now i have to bobba-ing eat aloneeeee!!

Ahahaha that singer can't even hit a C dumb is that?even i can hit the easy breazy C note.Im still playing with my finger
Amirul tried to peek on my journal.
I saw SA and friends.Waaaaaa...Farina's actually a genius

Amirul trie to peek on journal AGAIN!!now with the help of Jash,but it won't work on me!!MUAHAHAHA!!

The indians are dancing awsomelly!!AWSOMEEE
mini Madam Josephene can really dance.
they're lip syncing.this starting to look like "Talentime" the malays are dancing zapin uhh i guess
sania look so cute dancingzzzz...

aisya is so fine

puteri is smoking pot hot *psssss**smokes everywhere*



Puteri A said...

puteri is smoking pot hot *psssss**smokes everywhere*


take note tht its HOT*smokes everywhere*


Dbsk Dream said...

oh thats why u tde mse rehat td *_*
oh ami we missed you td!