Wednesday, April 15, 2009

journal 101

I've finally wrote a journal!!
and the whole bus is ours(class)!!!
no tribe treaty between the wibawa's and the krk's student!!
i can't sing FREEEEEEELY to izurin and all of my fan!!
i think my best performance is singing david archuleta's song!!
dang!! the boys are freakin' annoyed by moi singing and i like it =)

soo,here goes

10.20 am

Today,I saw a walking blubby tummy(it was rempit's)
It's was HORRIBLE!
I think I might puke Milo
and im hyperventilating!! I need a giant paper bag!!PRONTO!!

10.21 am

Now im walking...walking..and walking
holy shit!!I saw a fat girl in a stripy black and white,very very tight cardigan!!!!(scary!!)

10.22 am

Im in a roon of PICTURES!!!!
and aisya wrote this on my journal:SCARY black n white Pictures(10.24)

10.35 am

Im out from this bangunan(BSAS)!~

10.37 am

-Im crossing the road right now while writing this journal!!!
OWHMIGOSH!! I saw that fat girl in stripy tight cardigan AGAAAINNN
-I saw rempits crossing the road and NOT using the zebra uh..lane?(whatever they call it)
use your brain you might smash your rempit's head off!!

10.40 am

-Im walking toward our bus!!
-I saw tourist, from china i guess(they babble shit)
-OMG!!I steped in a puddle EWWW!!
-Now Im taking picture with some tourist (am i that hot?)Sufie ask them where them from,they said they're from Thailand
-and another tourist is taking picture of me...awkwarddddd
but this time i think they're from china.AWSOMEEEE!!

10.51 am

-Im in my bus
-my teacher gave me something
-Put read her journal to me
-we're moving!!we're moving!!!~
-aisya said she look like an indian,but she does'nt
-Jash took away put's journal!!OMIGOSH
-I hear hariz and haziq talking about picture
-hmmm..i want my milo
-hallalujah!!my milo did'nt burst in my bag!!
-im giving put her camera
-im drinking milo!!yum!!

11.00 am

-we're gonna eat!!wieeee
amirul scolded me for nothing(weirdo)
-i saw iman and i said hi to zul
-we're at a stall and did i ever tell you im out of the bus?
-droplets of water almost hit put's journal!!
-zul ask for order from me...=__= how kurang ajar?can't he see im writing my precious journal?
-im queing for food
- to be continued.....

11.40 am

-I ate nasi with some veggie and it only cost me rm 3!!!but put's cost 9 big ringgit
-amirul called every one kampung but he's the kampung boy
p/s don't ever write a journal when you're walking on a bumpy road!!!
-im walking toward our bus AGAIN
-there's no sign of tourist
-the bus is freakin' moving while im trying to get to me seat
-and we are going to a crappy muzeum =__=
-jash is ugly
-jash plays a freakin' songs about fucking people?ewww...

12.00 pm

-Im out from the buss
-geez it's hot here...
-i heard someone said "aku lonely"
-now im in the muzeum
-sufie's walking with aliff,like OMIGOSH
-did i ever tell you i HATE JASH?
-rin's looking at me...weirdo
-i need to listen to this crapy arahan
-aisya's trying to cover her lollipop(foods are not allowed in a muzeum)
-fara touched meeeee!!!~it shocked me
-sufie in trouble for bringing food
-i saw zul sulking
-im in the frakin' muzeum!!!
-manequin can grow janggut?!!
their uniform all look the same...boooringgg
-ok it's fine
-jash said standford raffles look like a pig...get a mirror JASH!!
-did i ever tell you jash is half human half dick?
-amirul's acting like a kampung boy
-jash's a weirdo
-i saw jash's futureeee!!~
-Sudut senjata are SCARYYY!!
-I SWEAR the manequin are looking at me!!AAAAAA!!
-I want bla blab lnlan labsl hf9ytg4289 yada yada malas nak tulis lalalla weapon dnoifwcnwo kill jash yada yada and amirul
-hearing story about mona fendi make me wanna poo
-i don't like it in's SCARY
-i want awsome camera from the past
-tipical aisya trampeled LOL
-IM OUT !!!
-im leavin that scary placeeee
-OMG sunlight make me feel so SAFEEE!!
-yada yada hunted bklafnwicnf3fni i hate it blgh blgh yada yada yada yada im glad out from creapy yada yada place.

unknown time

-fara S. gave sour candy.DANG!!it's soooo SOUrzZZZZ!!
-aisya got a nickname for jash...presenting!!!JASHHHHH CYRUUUUSSS!!
-haziq ditch hariz for another guy

unkwon time

-ma first time to ze tugu negaraaaaaaaa!!

unwritten experience:
-at p.ramlee's uhh something
-in the bus singing
-tourist at the national monument

-the end-

it's freaKINNNNGGGzZZZzZzZZ panjang!!
and im very very very very tired


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