Friday, April 3, 2009

i want a new hair cut

yeah i want a new hair cut
im starting to look like a mak cik
but my mom won't let me
she said my hair is not panjang enough

geez fara when are we going to chop your hair huh?
every time im in the mood to do so
you'll not!!
you're starting to act like your mother.

i went to alamanda this evening
and i saw zakiyy and friends the older version
they all carry their fancy cameras just like zakiyy
only with janggut ,tiny janggut!!
and they wore skinny jeans!!
that is sooooo zakiyy

and i bought a book
it is called "italian for beginners" i think fara should read it
maybe you'll get some pointers on how to date italiano?heh?
and i saw my melody cooking play set!!
it's FREAKIN' cute!!!




Raja Zakiyy said...

did he hv long hair? ;D

average ami said...

yes.but with curls

Raja Zakiyy said...

was he fat?!

fara roars; said...

i dont want to speak italian
i want to speak spanish!
theres a difference maa

average ami said...

no he is not fat
he's freakin' skinny
with his awek kot,tht i think almost look like jaja
but she's hotter kot
but she still stink because they're indies

=__=you want to speak spanish?
like dora?

fara roars; said...

im lost XD