Monday, April 6, 2009

cut your own crap

OMFG you post about your own fucking problem again?!!
like stop sharing YOUR problem to the whole world
what do you want?
like stop it
even seth is on YOUR side
so be happy

obviously he thinks im the evil one
and what are friendship without sarcasm
what do you want me to talk about everyday?
SCIENCE?!!every single fucking day,you want me to crap about science?!

geez i think it's better to ignore you
why bother talking to you when every single word hurt you or whatsoever you wrote on your damn blog
owh and you should know what aisya felt when you talk about her
that's what we call karma

one more thing
don't you think YOU sound sarcastic when you wrote those stinky post?
geez go buy yourself a mirror
sarcasm is in the circle of life

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