Friday, April 24, 2009

awake for 24 hours

so,everyone knows that my bloody pc shut down last night
and delete all of my work

so i have to redo every thing
and it took me all night
so yeah i didn't sleep at all
i might sleep if i was all alone
but thanks to yahoo messenger,i don't!!

soo i woke up at 12,
then started doing my work
then aisya accompanied me,
it was then till 3 o'clock,i guess
aisya finished her work and sign out.
so im all alone now
but then, comes naj
bla bla bla then he wanted to sleep
so im alone again.
and about 4 o'clock
zakiyy's onlinee
then he accompanied me till 6 a.m
then i have to go because i've finished my work
so,then i have to deal with the printer now
but it still won't work.
then i started to realize it's 7 a.m
so i rushed to the toilet
shower as fast as i can
but it was to late to walk to school with nunu
so i have to walk alone
thank god i made it
but i still didn't finish my work,becausei haven't print it yet

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