Friday, April 24, 2009

awake for 24 hours

so,everyone knows that my bloody pc shut down last night
and delete all of my work

so i have to redo every thing
and it took me all night
so yeah i didn't sleep at all
i might sleep if i was all alone
but thanks to yahoo messenger,i don't!!

soo i woke up at 12,
then started doing my work
then aisya accompanied me,
it was then till 3 o'clock,i guess
aisya finished her work and sign out.
so im all alone now
but then, comes naj
bla bla bla then he wanted to sleep
so im alone again.
and about 4 o'clock
zakiyy's onlinee
then he accompanied me till 6 a.m
then i have to go because i've finished my work
so,then i have to deal with the printer now
but it still won't work.
then i started to realize it's 7 a.m
so i rushed to the toilet
shower as fast as i can
but it was to late to walk to school with nunu
so i have to walk alone
thank god i made it
but i still didn't finish my work,becausei haven't print it yet

Thursday, April 16, 2009

stupid rehearsals,monkeys and retards

soo, i have to be in this stupid rehearsals for academic day what so ever
and it's bobba-ing boring..
so i take my note book and pen and i wrote another journal!!

Dear book,
it's bobba-ing boring here,our school choir is singing some crappy songs
geez..they suck.Owh and did i ever tell you amirul look like a monkey?big ears big head
he's a retard monkey.sob sob.

Im sandwiched in between Jash and Amirul...IM BORED I NEED MY HOMIES!!PRONTO!!
OMG!!our school own a gong!!Amirul tried to talk to Jash but he ignore him.
our school's a MESS!!there's not enought facilities...

geez...the teachers are arguing with each marian's voice pop out the most
and she disrespect students..=__= she called this student bodoh.not awsome puan mariam NOT awsomeeeezzz.

Jash's a dick.He said this to amirul "wei, ahad ni aku nak beli laptop baru!brand ape ah yang kau rasa bagus?"URGHHH..menunjuk much?!

Naimah's performingzz!!!WIEEE.This song is starting to sound crappy.Naimah forgot her moveee,she look clueless
and i finally saw wawa!!!

Im playing with my FINGER!!~wieeeeezzz.I found out that Jash sistah have bulu kaki!!but yada yada cares?yada yada she got skinny yadda yadda leg
OWHGEEZ jash's an bobba

Now im listening to a crappy song in this crappy vrooom roooom..i really need my HOMIES!!
BOBBA!! it's resces!!!now i have to bobba-ing eat aloneeeee!!

Ahahaha that singer can't even hit a C dumb is that?even i can hit the easy breazy C note.Im still playing with my finger
Amirul tried to peek on my journal.
I saw SA and friends.Waaaaaa...Farina's actually a genius

Amirul trie to peek on journal AGAIN!!now with the help of Jash,but it won't work on me!!MUAHAHAHA!!

The indians are dancing awsomelly!!AWSOMEEE
mini Madam Josephene can really dance.
they're lip syncing.this starting to look like "Talentime" the malays are dancing zapin uhh i guess
sania look so cute dancingzzzz...

aisya is so fine

puteri is smoking pot hot *psssss**smokes everywhere*


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

journal 101

I've finally wrote a journal!!
and the whole bus is ours(class)!!!
no tribe treaty between the wibawa's and the krk's student!!
i can't sing FREEEEEEELY to izurin and all of my fan!!
i think my best performance is singing david archuleta's song!!
dang!! the boys are freakin' annoyed by moi singing and i like it =)

soo,here goes

10.20 am

Today,I saw a walking blubby tummy(it was rempit's)
It's was HORRIBLE!
I think I might puke Milo
and im hyperventilating!! I need a giant paper bag!!PRONTO!!

10.21 am

Now im walking...walking..and walking
holy shit!!I saw a fat girl in a stripy black and white,very very tight cardigan!!!!(scary!!)

10.22 am

Im in a roon of PICTURES!!!!
and aisya wrote this on my journal:SCARY black n white Pictures(10.24)

10.35 am

Im out from this bangunan(BSAS)!~

10.37 am

-Im crossing the road right now while writing this journal!!!
OWHMIGOSH!! I saw that fat girl in stripy tight cardigan AGAAAINNN
-I saw rempits crossing the road and NOT using the zebra uh..lane?(whatever they call it)
use your brain you might smash your rempit's head off!!

10.40 am

-Im walking toward our bus!!
-I saw tourist, from china i guess(they babble shit)
-OMG!!I steped in a puddle EWWW!!
-Now Im taking picture with some tourist (am i that hot?)Sufie ask them where them from,they said they're from Thailand
-and another tourist is taking picture of me...awkwarddddd
but this time i think they're from china.AWSOMEEEE!!

10.51 am

-Im in my bus
-my teacher gave me something
-Put read her journal to me
-we're moving!!we're moving!!!~
-aisya said she look like an indian,but she does'nt
-Jash took away put's journal!!OMIGOSH
-I hear hariz and haziq talking about picture
-hmmm..i want my milo
-hallalujah!!my milo did'nt burst in my bag!!
-im giving put her camera
-im drinking milo!!yum!!

11.00 am

-we're gonna eat!!wieeee
amirul scolded me for nothing(weirdo)
-i saw iman and i said hi to zul
-we're at a stall and did i ever tell you im out of the bus?
-droplets of water almost hit put's journal!!
-zul ask for order from me...=__= how kurang ajar?can't he see im writing my precious journal?
-im queing for food
- to be continued.....

11.40 am

-I ate nasi with some veggie and it only cost me rm 3!!!but put's cost 9 big ringgit
-amirul called every one kampung but he's the kampung boy
p/s don't ever write a journal when you're walking on a bumpy road!!!
-im walking toward our bus AGAIN
-there's no sign of tourist
-the bus is freakin' moving while im trying to get to me seat
-and we are going to a crappy muzeum =__=
-jash is ugly
-jash plays a freakin' songs about fucking people?ewww...

12.00 pm

-Im out from the buss
-geez it's hot here...
-i heard someone said "aku lonely"
-now im in the muzeum
-sufie's walking with aliff,like OMIGOSH
-did i ever tell you i HATE JASH?
-rin's looking at me...weirdo
-i need to listen to this crapy arahan
-aisya's trying to cover her lollipop(foods are not allowed in a muzeum)
-fara touched meeeee!!!~it shocked me
-sufie in trouble for bringing food
-i saw zul sulking
-im in the frakin' muzeum!!!
-manequin can grow janggut?!!
their uniform all look the same...boooringgg
-ok it's fine
-jash said standford raffles look like a pig...get a mirror JASH!!
-did i ever tell you jash is half human half dick?
-amirul's acting like a kampung boy
-jash's a weirdo
-i saw jash's futureeee!!~
-Sudut senjata are SCARYYY!!
-I SWEAR the manequin are looking at me!!AAAAAA!!
-I want bla blab lnlan labsl hf9ytg4289 yada yada malas nak tulis lalalla weapon dnoifwcnwo kill jash yada yada and amirul
-hearing story about mona fendi make me wanna poo
-i don't like it in's SCARY
-i want awsome camera from the past
-tipical aisya trampeled LOL
-IM OUT !!!
-im leavin that scary placeeee
-OMG sunlight make me feel so SAFEEE!!
-yada yada hunted bklafnwicnf3fni i hate it blgh blgh yada yada yada yada im glad out from creapy yada yada place.

unknown time

-fara S. gave sour candy.DANG!!it's soooo SOUrzZZZZ!!
-aisya got a nickname for jash...presenting!!!JASHHHHH CYRUUUUSSS!!
-haziq ditch hariz for another guy

unkwon time

-ma first time to ze tugu negaraaaaaaaa!!

unwritten experience:
-at p.ramlee's uhh something
-in the bus singing
-tourist at the national monument

-the end-

it's freaKINNNNGGGzZZZzZzZZ panjang!!
and im very very very very tired

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

today,i saw, i sing, i feel

guess what?
i saw ax7ghlnxc42qwpkcaq;li
while im playing basketball >.<

and i sang random song to izurin
i think she's amazed by my voice she even hit me with a book
izurin, i know how much you love my singing
yes, sometimes i hit my self with a book too when i sing XD

also thank you to slurpee,
i only feel like burping today
and i don't know why
but i also feel like farting

and i haven't finish my homework yet

Monday, April 6, 2009

owh me godzz

im addicted to jamie foxx's song
and and "jai ho"
i can't stop listening itzzz
it's been 2 hour now
like i can't freakin' stopzz!!!~~

come join me
download itzzz:
Jamie foxx-Balme it

PCD-Jai Hoezzzz

cut your own crap

OMFG you post about your own fucking problem again?!!
like stop sharing YOUR problem to the whole world
what do you want?
like stop it
even seth is on YOUR side
so be happy

obviously he thinks im the evil one
and what are friendship without sarcasm
what do you want me to talk about everyday?
SCIENCE?!!every single fucking day,you want me to crap about science?!

geez i think it's better to ignore you
why bother talking to you when every single word hurt you or whatsoever you wrote on your damn blog
owh and you should know what aisya felt when you talk about her
that's what we call karma

one more thing
don't you think YOU sound sarcastic when you wrote those stinky post?
geez go buy yourself a mirror
sarcasm is in the circle of life

Friday, April 3, 2009

i want a new hair cut

yeah i want a new hair cut
im starting to look like a mak cik
but my mom won't let me
she said my hair is not panjang enough

geez fara when are we going to chop your hair huh?
every time im in the mood to do so
you'll not!!
you're starting to act like your mother.

i went to alamanda this evening
and i saw zakiyy and friends the older version
they all carry their fancy cameras just like zakiyy
only with janggut ,tiny janggut!!
and they wore skinny jeans!!
that is sooooo zakiyy

and i bought a book
it is called "italian for beginners" i think fara should read it
maybe you'll get some pointers on how to date italiano?heh?
and i saw my melody cooking play set!!
it's FREAKIN' cute!!!



Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yes,something died

to puteri,
yes,something just died

how dare you walk off
how dare you ignore me
how dare you left me out(and aisya)
how dare you not look at me
how dare you how dare you how dare you
thats just rude
rude and disrespectful to me and aisya
very very disrespectful.
shame on you
and telling your problem to the whole world?
WHY? to show how innocent you are?
or just to humiliate me?

it's been almost 3 day you're in your rude mood
and i really have to let this out.
my hands are always on standby mode to punch you whenever you show your rudeness again.
for now, i'll just ignore you
i don't want to be the evil one since your the innocent one.

FYI this is not aisya's idea
she got nothing to do with this.
it's just me and the truth