Wednesday, March 18, 2009

let's pretend it's 17th march

me,nunu,aisya,put,doda,naimah and rin(came separately)
went to perpustakaan negara!!
and it's freakin' full with rempits and stupid myspacer

almost everyone who uses the pc there
is using their myspace
like wtf?
don't you own a pc back home?

after searching books for almost 3 hour
nunu's mom treat us for lunch except rin
she went back home with her papa.
we ate at burger's king(klcc)
and took some picture there
and guess what?
some stupid foreigner laughed at us
i swore they're going to hell when they die (like duhh)

after we ate lunch
we went to toys r us
i bought a mask
and i swear i look like one of the jabbawockeez

then we basically do nothing

we scared some riders and passenger on our way home
by wearing our mask while we waved to them
it was pretty cool
we went home at 7.45 or something
thus,record was made for:
-farthest outing everr
-longest outing everr


1 comment:

Iman said...

lol.foreigners from where o_O
weih.kang x psl psl ade org accident sbb heart attack tgk u guyz xD