Wednesday, March 18, 2009

let's pretend it's 14th march

i forget to update my blog
so let's just pretend it's 4 days ago

dear blog,
im very pissed today
well,it's because of a fucking restaurant who didn't know how to serve things right!!

so here where it all started
me and my hungry family went out to eat
when we got to a restaurant we ordered stuff
i ordered for a fucking kuey teow and i want it SPICY

and so,i waited ,and waited and waited and fucking waited
everyone's order was served but not MINE
i can't control my evil potty mouth,so i said some BAD words
but i said it in a slow volume

after every one finished eating
my fucking kuey teow was not even served to me yet
when it came,i don't fell like eating anymore
i taste the fucking kuey teow
and it fucking taste like soy sauce
and it's NOT spicy

so i spit the fucking kuey teow
and gave it back to the fucking waitress
i tried to act cool
but guess what
mr.smarty pants girl hormones ruined it all
owh yeah,i cried
thank you hormones
stupid stupid hormones


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