Wednesday, March 18, 2009

let's not pretend anymore

yesterday aisya told me about reading my old blog
so i tried to find em'
it was pretty funny
i admit i do write crap

so here's something from my old blog

"tragically im not updating my blog just like wanted to!!
sucks to be me
i can't see why i can't update my blog
maybe im just not into blogging
but who cares i finally remembered my password
yay me!~

mood:not so very happy

today aisya just gave me links to doda's blog
since it's a non private blog u can't sue me doda!!
by just looking at all of the blogger's blog, it make me realize that i have to update my blog too
since im wanting to be an active blogger

i used to collect anime's vcds but im out of budget now
so im letting that hobby off
so im hobbyless,boring and broken?
how fine is that

today, i drawed stable jesus with halo
on rin's science process skill
jesus look so stable since he spread he's leg so it has low center of gravity
yay jesus "


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