Saturday, February 7, 2009

you're all invited to fat ami's sweet 15!!

soo like
im princess ami
and my daddy's throwing me a really big surprise party for me
that i don't know anything about it

and like mommy's buying me a Ferrari
and i want it pink
because pink makes me look hot

my party is going to be huge,like
it's held at fara's pondok house
she said she's going to pimp the pondok just for me
like duhh im her princess(love yah fara)

and my friends *ahemm* is going to be my slaves
at my sweet 15, aww how sweet*giggle*
soo here's a preview of my invitation card!!

party's detail

date: 23.02.2009 till 23.02.2010
venue: fara;s pondok
theme: ami's slave


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